"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you were always supposed to be." -- David Bowie

About Us

Sequence Health products are tried and tested, having been in the North American market for 20 years. The company was originally known as Sequel Naturals Ltd., and was the entrepreneurial dream and vision of the company's founder and president, Charles Chang. Charles, with the help of Dr. Richard Cockrum, designed the SKUs you see on this website and began to market them to independent health food stores. Charles was introduced to Matt LeBeau, who was one of the original shareholders in Puresource Inc., one of Canada's premier natural health product distributors. Together they formed a sales and distribution partnership that helped improve the lives of Canadians (and making Sequel Colostrum the number one product in its category!).

Charles went on to develop several additional products, including ChlorEssenceMacaSure and the very popular Vega. As Sequel Naturals (now corporately know as Vega) diversified and grew, Charles found that the colostrum portion of the business was being neglected. In 2012 Charles approached Matt with a business proposition to acquire the Sequel Colostrum products and Sequence Health Ltd. was born.  

To this day, Sequence Health is dedicated to bringing the highest quality colostrum to both retail partners and direct to consumers. Great care has been taken to ensure that these products continue to deliver what our customers have come to expect.

We hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to receiving your feedback!