"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you were always supposed to be." -- David Bowie

A Colostrum A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Looking for a supplement for the whole family? Colostrum contains immune factors that help to fight off upper respiratory infections, builds your immune function and protects your stomach from bad bacteria.

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Our Calves Come First.

Dairy cows produce an abundance of colostrum, more than enough to supply human needs without depriving our newborn calves. Sequence Colostrum uses only the first milking collected within the first 6 hours, which has the highest concentration of beneficial immune and growth factors.  Our cows are sourced from grade A, USDA certified dairy cows from a small, family run farm. 

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“I think Sequence Colostrum is one of the best kept secrets out there…”
—John K., Toronto, Ontario

“I give Colostrum to my son every single day for his immunity. He loves it!”
—Andrea B., Guelph, Ontario